Cash Passport

Multi Currency Cash Passport from MasterCard

Cash Passport™ is How Money Should Travel. It's the clever alternative to pockets full of cash, traveller cheques or your debit card when you're away..  

Access your money at 35.7 million locations worldwide and withdraw local currency at 2.1 million cash machines around the world.


We think you'll love Cash Passport. Here's why...

  • 10 currencies on the 1 card
  • Access your money overseas
  • Lock in foreign exchange rates
  • CHIP + PIN protection
  • No link to your bank account
  • Top up your card whenever you like

Using your Card

You will be able to use Cash Passport;

It takes only minutes to get your card!


  • 10 currencies, 1 card
  • Locked in foreign exchange rates
  • Secure prepaid travel money card
  • Access your money overseas

Our Cardholders Enjoy

  • Multiple currencies on one Card - British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD), Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), South African Rand (ZAR), Turkish Lira (TRY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Emirati Dirham (AED)
  • Chip and PIN protection, with no link to your bank account
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How does it work?

Multi Currency Cash Passport Card

Regardless of where you are in the world, the Multi-currency Cash Passport always knows the right Currency to use.

You don't need to do a thing.

Let's get you started!

With just 3 easy steps your Card will be up and running.

  • Buy your Cash Passport
  • Sign the back of your Card as soon as you receive it
  • Remember your PIN

That's it, you're ready to travel and spend! You can manage your Card online at 'My Account'.