Accessing your money easily

Multi-currency Cash Passport gives you easy access to your money. You can use it as you would a normal debit or credit card (except with your own preloaded funds) or to withdraw foreign currency from international cash machines.

Accepted at millions of locations worldwide

In-store overseas, shopping online or withdrawing cash – accessing your money is simple.

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Use our mobile app

Download our handy mobile app and access your money on the go.

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Use in-store

Don't forget, traditionally travelers would use a travel money card to withdraw foreign currency from cash machines.

While a little bit of cash is helpful, carrying a lot of cash isn't particularly safe.

Cash Passport can be used just like a debit or credit card, except with your own preloaded money. Opt to simply pay in-store and stop carrying large amounts of cash.

Use online at overseas retailers

Just as you would shop in-store, Cash Passport lets you pay in foreign currency at online stores in local currencies.  Another way to save on foreign exchange conversions and transaction fees.